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Suitable for ages 8 – 100
NO Gore, Horror, Profanity, or Sexuality.

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About the Story

One dark Halloween night, a nasty witch and her bewitched, talking, walking pumpkins kidnapped 30 kids from their beds.

The witch was about to cook the kids in a big pot when a brave little girl came up with a wild plan and outsmarted her.

After many magical, exciting adventures, the witch is defeated in the happy end.

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Need More Information?

Read the Synopsis, Parental Guidance, and FAQ below:

Far away, in the idyllic village of Yepeduni, life was happy and peaceful. But not for long…

One terrible day, Gorgoretta, the wicked witch, landed her magic flying house in the dark, dark forest nearby.

She was determined to wipe out every single child.

Finally, a crafty father manages to capture the murderous Gorgoretta and the villagers sentenced her to death,

Thinking their troubles would be over.
Alas, their plan went badly wrong and the witch escaped.

Furious and vengeful, Gorgoretta prepares her version of a Halloween party…

In the darkest hour, her nasty bewitched, walking, talking pumpkins kidnap all the village children.

Luckily, one clever little girl comes up a wild plan on how to save herself and all the other kids.

Can she outsmart the witch and escape the boiling cauldron – before it is too late..?

(Spoiler: The with is defeated and there’s a Happy End!)

Gorgoretta Author Camille with mom

Gorgoretta is written by Camille Kleinman and narrated by her mother Eileen Kleinman.

An award-winning poet and writer, Camille has been telling and writing stories since she was a kid.

At age 12, Camille won her first writing contest and wrote articles that were published in all the major online publications including WikiHow, eHow, eZine Articles, Associated Content (a Yahoo! news content partner) and more.

Camille has been featured in press releases on ABC8, Daily Herald, AZ Central, CBS 48, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Wallstreet Select and more.

She’s a Wikipedia Editor, Today.com parenting team contributor, and was also published on Buzzfeed, Kinja, Bank of America, Academia and more.

Camille was featured on:

Camille was seen on

Special Sale! Only $999
You can use PayPal or credit card. Digital product delivery.
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Parental Guidance & FAQ
Worried this story might be too scary for your kids?
We understand and hate nasty surprises too. So here’s what IS in the story:
This Halloween story features spooky scenes, a nasty scheming witch, and lots of exciting suspense.
It does NOT contain anything gory, horrific, or deeply disturbing.
Check out the scary scene spoilers below to see more information.

As a parent, you know your kid and how sensitive he or she might be, so use your judgment!

Here’s a list of what might scare your child:

  1. A witch poisons a well in the village. We are told children drank from it and were poisoned. Parents are heard crying mournfully.
  2. A hungry witch chases two kids with a knife threatening to eat them [the kids escape unharmed].
  3. The witch is nearly burned at the stake but escapes.
  4. Menacing music plays as the witch plots her revenge.
  5. Bewitched, walking, talking pumpkins creep into homes at night and kidnap kids.
  6. The pumpkins merrily sing a song about cooking the kids.
  7. The kids escape the pumpkins unharmed but get lost in a spooky, dark forest.
  8. An angry witch kicks her pumpkins, jumps on them, and throws them around.
  9. Eerie wolves howl at night.
  10. Evil, deceitful elves sing enchantingly and lead the hypnotized children into a trap.
  11. A girl saves the kids from being eaten by telling the witch her belly will burst open and the kids will escape due to a mysterious, ancient Halloween magic.
  12. The witch’s creepy house is decorated with various bones and skulls.
  13. The kids are locked in a cage and we fear they will be eaten soon. [Spoiler: all the kids escape the witch in the end and return home alive and well].

It is probably best for kids 8 YO and above.

However, if your toddler is bright, can concentrate for 1h long, and not scared of witchy stories then he or she might enjoy it as well.
We’ve had 5YO kids love it, though sadly, many kids under 8 nowadays seem to have focus and concentration issues. 

Generally, we advise it for 8-100 Y.O.
It’s for the young and young at heart. 

Many parents told us they also enjoyed listening to Gorgoretta!8

We can’t say for sure, though we got some great feedback from parents of Autistic kids & teens, saying their kids were glued to the story.

Probably this depends on the level of Autism your child has.

While some may not be able to follow or remember what they hear, they may still enjoy hearing the story, all the immersive sound effects, and be entertained as well.

You can listen to Gorgoretta on any device.

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Gorgoretta The Wicked Witch